Saints in Wales        

You Know You're A Saint Bernard Lover when....


You don't own anything that's easily broken.

Your wardrobe consists of mainly light and tan-coloured clothing.

When walking your dog/s you cross the road to avoid traffic cones / dustbins / plastic bags / anything your Saint thinks might leap out and attack him.

You changed your super-fast sports car for an estate / van.

The seats in the back of your estate car are constantly down.

The walls of your house are textured. (Unintentionally)

You have gone through 3 vacuum cleaners within 6 months.

When vacuuming you have to stop twice to empty the bag.

Your "dog pen" consists of the whole of the back room.

You have locks on all your kitchen cupboards - including those fixed 5 feet up the wall.

A peaceful afternoon consists of your dog NOT snoring.

The water bowl is really a 5 gallon bucket.

You can no longer see in or out through your vehicle side windows.

Your legs are covered in bruises from your dog's favourite pastime of "bulldozing".

Your arms are covered in bruises from your dog's other favourite pastime of giving you his paw at the most inopportune moment.

You buy your dog food by the sack rather than by the pound.

You gave up on the coffee table 6 months ago and assigned it to the attic.

Even though the car has come to a halt, it is still gently rocking.

You carry a piece of towel with you everywhere you go.

You have come to despise Summer and can't wait for Winter to return.

You concreted over the lawn 6 weeks after getting your dog/s.

When sitting on the toilet, soggy tennis balls dropped into your underwear are a common occurence.

You know there's just no way you'll ever get a dog car cage that's big enough.

Heavy breathing no longer bothers you.

You have to pick up the dog mess - everyone in the neighbourhood will know where it's come from.

You used to think Alsatian's were big dogs.

You are loved and idolised beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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