Saints in Wales

The Saint Bernard

The U.K. Breed Standard

General: Well proportioned, distinctive markings, large head with short muzzle and deep lips. 'Stop' should be abrupt and well defined. Ears should be medium sized and lie close to the cheeks. Muscular neck and broad shoulders with straight legs. Well rounded ribs and a wide chest. Coat (in roughs) should be dense with feathering on thighs and tail, orange/white/brown/black in colour but with white muzzle and blaze, white chest and white tail end.

Height: No set height but the taller the better but body must be in proportion. Usual heights  (when measured to the shoulder when the dog is standing on all fours) are between 27-30 inches for bitches and 29-35 inches for dogs.

Temperament: Loving, loyal, trustworthy and prepared to defend it's owner in times of danger.

Gait/Movement: Should move squarely with legs parallel to each other, the hocks should not turn in (cow-hocked) and whole movement should appear strong and flowing.

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